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Put your pants on! with Gender Free World by Kaleido Shoots

Who wouldn’t love to have a cosy pair of ‘no labels’ boxer shorts made for everyone to wear no matter their gender identity?

Our latest collaboration with Gender Free World Clothing was a huge success and we are super proud of the outcome! Been photographing loads and loads of sexy gender neutral underwear with the help of our absolutely stunning models An, Chloe, Alix and Mefi.

GFW (Gender Free World Clothing) are a Brighton based clothing company promoting gender neutral clothing items made in the UK. They strongly believe the world deserves a better choice in terms of choosing clothing that are not classified as 'for females’ or ‘for males’. Their new line of boxer shorts are called ‘no labels’ for the exact same reason- especially designed to fit anyone’s body, they are fancy, cosy and made from bamboo fibre. Check them out for yourself - they come in 5 different colours - Black, Burgundy, White, Orange & Teal.

Behind the scenes with our cool models

With the power team! :)

With the power team! :)